Taylor's 2009 Vintage Port
The density and scale which define the year are tempered by the refinement and poise which are the hallmark of a Taylor vintage. Elegant and finely constituted, displaying wonderfully pure fruit. A masterpiece of restrained power.

Vargellas 2009 Vintage Port
Dense, tannic and and brimming with complex multi-layered aroma, the 2009 Vinha Velha represents the essence of the Vargellas terroir taken to a sublime level. A wine of monumental scale crafted for long term ageing. A true collector’s item.
Fonseca 2009 Vintage Port
Impenetrable inky colour, exuberant fruit and a sumptuous palate supported by thick velvety tannins. This archetypal Fonseca will delight collectors with its combination of long ageing potential and ability to please when young.
Croft 2009 Vintage
An opulent, seductive fruitiness and exotic scented dimension are supported by dense well integrated tannins. This Port is drawn entirely from the iconic Quinta da Roêda estate which is the cornerstone of the house style.

hen a Port house releases a classic Vintage Port it is said to have ‘declared’ the year.

A declaration is made only when the vintage is exceptional and the wines have long term ageing potential. For the top port houses, declarations have usually occurred about three times a decade. However in the last decade nature has been benevolent and produced four great declared vintages: 2000, 2003, 2007 and now the outstanding 2009.

2009 will be remembered in the Douro Valley as a year of low yields due mainly to the dry ripening season. Not surprisingly the year produced dense and concentrated wines, with deep inky colour, crisp acidity, wonderfully fine, complex fruit and big thick muscular tannins. The latter have provided that important quality known as ‘grip’ which denotes longevity in a vintage port. In this, and in their massive scale, the 2009 vintage ports recall some of the great iconic vintages of the early 20th century. Such colour intensity and tannin levels have certainly not been seen for at least two decades. If ever there was a vintage port for laying down, this is it.

This site contains tasting notes and background information on the 2009 Vintage Ports, including the rare Vargellas Vinha Velha, as well as the contact details of distributors around the world. Allocations will be made in the coming weeks and all wines will be released later in 2011.

Made only in the finest years and in limited quantities, Vintage Port is one of the world’s great wines. Capable of ageing for many years, it is indispensable in any serious wine collection.
John Fladgate,
Baron of Roêda,
born 1809.